Part II: Conversation with GLO CEO Trey Fayard

Michael Garko, Fly Guys Blog

In December, GLO Founder and CEO Trey Fayard invited Fly Guys to his airline’s inaugural service between Shreveport and New Orleans. Mr. Fayard was kind enough to take time and talk with Fly Guys Blog to discuss GLO’s operations and what the future holds for his airline.

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What type of passenger is your airline targeting?

GLO is looking to service both business and leisure travelers.

New Orleans Photographer Frank Aymami

GLO CEO Trey Fayard looks to provide more convenience to travelers in the Southeast U.S.

The focus is on promoting the GLO product to those passengers looking to make a quick trip for an economical fare. In the markets we are currently serving and those we are considering, passengers have to connect through a hub in Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta to get to and from New Orleans.

This is a huge waste of valuable time and productivity, especially for business passengers. With this new service, a passenger can make a day trip with no issues.

Why did you choose to start operations with the SAAB 340B?

We looked at other aircraft in the 30-35 seat range, but determined the SAAB 340B is ideal for our passengers, crew and our markets.

Our 30-seat SAAB is quick, efficient, dependable, and comfortable and allows us to offer high touch, full cabin service with a lavatory.

Why has your airline chosen the routes that have been rolled out so far?

GLO is using historical routes that have been dropped by the legacy carriers – some as recently as one year ago.

We put a lot of research into determining these initial routes and when we had the opportunity to receive feedback from business communities and recreational travelers across the Gulf and Mid-South, these were destinations that were highly requested.

Are you happy with the response on your existing routes from New Orleans to Memphis and Little Rock?

Overall, the response has been very positive.

GLO started with a strong response in Little Rock and it continues to grow. As for Memphis, it did start slightly slower than Little Rock, but it is now steadily growing load factors. GLO has seen a higher load factor for flights into New Orleans, which is usually the opposite of what is expected.

We do see this as a good sign for future growth for the intra-state Shreveport and New Orleans route as well.

What are your plans for future growth?

Right now GLO has three aircraft.

We expect to add two to three aircraft per year for the next few years at this time. We are looking at several eastern locations that have the demand to begin service.

We also have the capability to start offering connecting options at the flip of a switch. Connections do not necessarily make sense with the routes we offer at the moment, but could be part of GLO’s growth in the future.

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