Shreveport Regional Airport loses out on $700,000 grant

Michael Garko, In Airline News

Shreveport Regional Airport has placed a staff member on administrative leave after an overlook caused the airport to miss a deadline to apply for almost $700,000 in grant money for its noise mitigation plan.


The airport has been purchasing homes near the Northwest Louisiana airfield since 1999.  The airport was then supposed to file grant papers from the Federal Aviation Administration to receive money back for the purchases.  Due to the airport’s oversight, paperwork was never submited documenting the work and expenses.

This is the latest blow to the airport’s finances after Shreveport Regional’s parking tennant didn’t pay $860,000 in monthly fees before filing for bankruptcy.

The airport has been fighting to lure a low cost carrier to help combat some of the highest airfares in the country.  Recently, the New York Times listed Shreveport as the number three rip off airport in country.

The Regional Airport is seeking a new Airport Director as well.  Longtime Director Roy Miller resigned in February.  Miller had come under fire from local citizens and lawmakers. Miller was fired by a City Council Chairwoman acting as mayor while Mayor Cedric Glover was out of the state in June 2010.  Glover reinstated Miller upon returning to Shreveport.

In November of last year, a request with all supporting documentation was sent to the FAA. In a letter, the FAA denied reimbursement in January 2011.  Interim Airport Director Bill Cooksey met with the FAA on February 23, 2011 in hopes of receiving the reimbursement, but was denied again.

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